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07-27-2011, 11:09 AM
A good business needs to be credible and trustworthy in order to flourish. A customer needs to feel a strong level of trust before they purchase your products or do business with you. A testimonial is the best way to gain that. It is okay to tell your customers that you have a good record and are trustworthy, but this has a greater effect if it comes in the form of a clients’ testimonial. A testimonial which says “I can’t wait to do business with you again” will definitely create a good impression in the visitors mind.

Here are a few tips to get quality testimonials from your previous clients:
1. Ask them to write a testimonial for you. If you have provided them with quality and satisfactory service, they will be more than happy to give you one.

2. Ask them to write an elaborate comment and also ask them permission to publish it. This will give them a feeling that they are a part of the company. This helps in building a strong relationship with your previous clients. The customers who visit your site will understand that you are a company who believes in maintaining strong relationships with their clients. This will make them want to do business with you more.

3. Reward your clients for every testimonial they provide. Give them donations or discounts for future purchases or anything that benefits them.

Testimonials should not be limited to a single page. They should be dispersed throughout the website and strategically placed. Know your visitors, what kinds of people visit your site? High level executives are less likely to be impressed by testimonials. However, visitors who target your products and services will be deeply impressed by them. Testimonials will surely turn a visitor into a customer. A website which has no testimonials surely misses the opportunity to harness the power of this wonderful strategy.
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Awesome tips rebin. Seems quite useful.

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