New features will be added as needed!!! Let me know what you think of it.

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UPDATE (5/20/2009):
I added a news system to keep everyone up-to-date with everything going on with XtremeFilez.

UPDATE (6/3/2009):
I have just gone through and optimized some of my scripts to make your experience on the site even better. There have been some problems with dead links not playing, or not being able to download them. I have gone through a LOT of work to make the search results better. While the actual results are still the same, you will notice that a LOT more songs will be working.

UPDATE (6/18/2009):
I have just opened registration to the public. You can now register for your own XtremeFilez account which you can use to create playlists of your favorite songs. After you've signed up and created some playlists, you can generate a code to embed those playlists on your MySpace or Friendster profile, or your own web site or blog. We are currently working on putting up some new skins so that your playlist can represent your personality, or match its surroundings.

UPDATE (6/26/2009):
I upgraded from PHP4 to PHP5. This has allowed me to add new functionality to the backend of XtremeFilez. Although you may not notice any difference, it will definitely make downloading/streaming MP3s much quicker.

UPDATE (6/26/2009):
The way you download MP3s has changed. Before, a popup window would open in order for you to download MP3s. This caused some problems with some users' popup blockers. Because of this, I've made the download open in an "inline" popup window. This should not be affected by any popup blockers, and it should also make the site look a little better.

UPDATE (7/23/2009):
I recently discovered a bug with our playlist feature. It was actually a database problem. I, inadvertently, set the maximum URL length for MP3s added to your playlist to 255 characters. Come to find out that some URLs were longer than 255 characters causing some songs not to play when listening to your playlist. I have fixed this problem, and increased the character limit for URLs. If you have any songs added to your playlist that do not play, it may have been caused from this error. Please delete those songs from your playlist, and re-add them. This should fix that problem.

UPDATE (9/26/2009):
A problem with the search results was reported to me around 3 A.M. this morning. After some debugging, I came to find that there was a big issue with the main site that I use for the search results. Because of that, XtremeFilez was down for about 12 hours while I worked on fixing the problem. I'm happy to say, however, that the problem has now been fixed. It should be working just fine now.

Swing by and see how you like it. You can use the site to listen to music, or to download it to your computer. You can also sign up for a FREE account and create playlists of your favorite songs which you can embed on your MySpace or Friendster profile, or your own web site or blog.