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    There are some features which we have to follow to make more attractive and reliable website during web designing or website development. Your website should be attractive and good looking, easy handle all kind of events, redirect process should be clear, transparency and polishing your website, good content writing, etc. so that your website looks nice and attract more users.

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    According to me there are lots of small and big points important to discuss about web design but you must make your design perspective of your users. Because build any website, their main goal to attract potential visitors of their site for more selling.

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    Make your site easy to useā€¦for your audience.

    Many small business owners think their building a website for themselves. Not true.

    Websites are meant for your target audience. They are the ones who need your information, your products, your services. So keep your designs (and your copy) user-focused.

    Christian Business men working together to serve others

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    These are not the steps for site designing these are the steps for site creation and promotion.

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    Good post Maddy,throwing light on the important aspects of web designing.Your Dream site comes true with with 100% Flexible features like add unlimited
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    The most important aspects are:
    Domain of a website
    Design of a website
    Content, title and keywords

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    When working on a new Web site for your company, whether it large or small, it is important to remember that a good Web site is one that will keep people coming back.

    1. Appearance: Nobody wants to look at a boring Web site but if it is too flashy some might be turned away. Finding a good balance between too fancy and boring is the key to unlocking great Web site design.

    2. Site Purpose: Before developing a Web site you need to set objectives and ask yourself how you want people to benefit from your Web site. The content of your Web site should always be kept up to date. It is easy to tell when a Web-site has not been updated.

    3. Usability: Since the internet provides so much information, it's hard to grasp people's attention and keep them on your site. One of the biggest turn-offs for site visitors is poor usability. A web site should be simple and easy to use. The navigation should be easily accessed on every page of your site.

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    Quote Originally Posted by syedqurat View Post
    I am agree with bruce but i don't understand one thing when we create a quality website with apply all rules of search engines so why we need SEO.
    You ask such a nice question about the need of SEO. You have to first understand the meaning of SEO which is like to increase the visibility of your site world wide to increase the rank of your site in search engine result pages. It is not necessary that if you design your website according to search engines rules, so there is no need of SEO your site is still not in google's 1st page. So after applying SEO your site visibility is increased and your business is growing up.


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