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    Top ten tips for Designing a fast loaded websites.

    1.Minimize the use of images
    2.Optimize images for the web
    3.Use Tables creatively
    4.Cut down the use of animated gifs.
    5.Design simple icons.
    6. Use background images instead of big images whenever possible.
    7.Try out CSS Styles.
    8.Use Flash sparingly .
    9.Design most of your site in HTML.
    10. Keep checking your load time.

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    A minimalistic design will always load faster than a full-featured design. The question is whether your visitors come to your site to admire the design or do they visit your site because of the content.

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    great information i am agree with point number 9 benefit of using maximum HTML website load fast and fast index in search engine.

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    Great tips given on this post that are very useful for web designer and also for many peoples. As per the web designing concern i would like to say that to avoid flash animation in your website because of flash animation it takes more time to load. Thanks for sharing this tips that should be very important for web designer.

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    You share such a nice tip about designing fast loaded web sites. Generally people want to make their website fast to access because if your website accessing speed is faster then you will get more visitors on your site and it shows your website performance.


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