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Thread: Top Free panels

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    Not everyone has the money for pricey control panel software. Here is a list of the best free control panels out there.
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    Your list is good but we also can try VHCS, Kloxo, VirtualMin, Webmin, Froxlor, etc. kloxo is very good secure panel. it is perfect for the small business. Other option is also good.

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    Nice to see all the comments of you people.Well... I see the webmin as a secure cpanel.. Which is good for hosting and controls all the activity which run your site right...

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    Hey the one thing is that you havent add is Kloxo ....

    It is the best free cpanel alternative ever.. and i am using it on most my VPSes ... It is cool ..

    kloxo is as you know the most widely used control panel for those who dont want to invest any money on management ...

    its a best choice for those guys ...

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    Webmin is the best in your list host but as everyone said you must have included kloxo in your comparison list it is the best alternative for the user who have experience with cpanel but who are willing to move to some free alternative.


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