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    Support and Sales Reps Needed


    ShockingHost is in need of a few more staff members to work in Sales, support or both. Both jobs will involve livechat and tickets.

    You can live anywhere for this job offer, its not restricted to location.

    Have good spelling, and grammar
    Must have attention to detail
    Ability to work in/with a team
    Must have a microphone and/or headset to communicate through Skype.

    Support Techician:
    Job: To provide clients with level 1 and 2 support (and 3 if you can, but its not a must!).
    Requirements: Experience of Shared, Reseller and VPS hosting. Experience with various operating systems, and various CMS, Blogs and forum scripts. Great troubleshooting skills would able be best for you in this department.
    Hours: Any hours is fine, preferably available around 5PM - 11PM eastern
    Wage: Negotiable

    Sales Rep:
    Job: Promote ShockingHost and answer pre-sales questions to a potential client.
    Requirements: Fast typing, good English, great people skills.
    Wage: Commission based; 15%

    Please contact me for more at ccalby[at]shockinghost[dot]com
    ShockingHost - Webhosting and prices at their best!
    ▒ Shared, Reseller and VPS and VPS RESELLER plans available.
    Custom plans available!

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    Sent you an email regarding this. Sounds interesting, I'd love to help the SH team out.

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    Im interested on this offer, is there still position available? Hope the is one.

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    Maintain any host that we have to maintain the sales it is supported to increase the sale.You have to register your website and marketing the website for related search.It is used to increase the marketing for supported the web hosting.


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