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    The cheapest VPS host

    I'd like to begin a search for the cheapest possible VPS out there. Specs are irrelevant. If it can run some modern version of Linux smoothly and is accessible at least 99% of the time, it counts.

    Currently, the cheapest VPS host I could find is: - They have an OpenVZ VPS for $20 per year, which works out to $1.67 per month.

    Can you find a cheaper provider?

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    Recently I was trying to decide which VPS hosting site to choose when I ran across they offer an extremely low price on VPS hosting, for $9.95/month. I thought I would give it a try, and so far I'm pleased with the service.

    Here's my experience:

    In2Net's vps hosting is very affoardale, and so far, it has been very reliable. You can get a vps hosting at in2net for only $9.95/month I believe, which is kind kind of insane low price for vps hosting. (other vps sites start from $29.95/month.) I have been with them a little over a month... until now, I haven't experienced any problem or downtime.. In2Net is a great vps host, and very affordable... hope all this information help you out..
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    I actually found one cheaper than Hostigation. Hostigation provided my first VPS (before I got the one I have now) so I'm not bashing them. has two VPSes that are $10/yearly and $15/yearly respectively
    They have one with 128 Dedicated RAM ($10/yearly) you can pay 3 years in advance and pay $30; how cool is that.
    The Disk space and bandwidth kinda sux but for that price who would complain

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    Take a look at DotBlock VPS, you will get your VPS for only $1.00 with 2GB RAM!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Delgado2009 View Post
    Take a look at, you will get your VPS for only $1.00 with 2GB RAM!
    It's only a 30 Day trial though.
    After that its $34.95 which is WAY out of my budget
    I don't know wbout anyone else.

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    You can get Cheap VPS hosting from platforms like Windows and Linux.While choosing a cheap VPS hosting, you should concentrate more on reliability as many cheap VPS providers have bad servers. But some budget VPS companies provide great customer support, efficient server better than expensive VPS service providers
    Fanatical VPS Micro 5.00 5 GB 256/512 MB Unmetered Super Micro
    Burst Net 5.95 20 GB 512 MB 1000 GB Linux VPS 1 2 12 Hours
    VPSLink 6.62 2.5 GB 64 MB 100 GB Link-1 1 5 min
    Fanatical VPS 10 30 GB 384/768 MB UnMetered Micro 1 Instant
    Rapid VPS 10 25GB 512/4096 MB Unlimited Rapid.Silver 2 Instant
    PhotonVPS 10.95 20 GB 512 MB 500 GB

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    vps allow the website owner share the cost of dedicated server.
    it give full control website owner.

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    When I was looking for VPS hosting for my site, I came across they offer an extremely low price VPS hosting starting for $50/month. Though I feel it was liittle expensive, I gave it a try and I am really happy with their service and support right now.

    They offer Linux Cpanel and No Cpanel. There are 3 packages which are Basic, Advanced and Enterprise.

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    Its not the cheapest but worth having VPS hosting : . They are offering $7.95/month
    Get 25% Off on Host Gator Hosting Through Our Reference .
    Get .com,net,org domain only at 2.99$.

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    As you can glimpse from the identify I am looking for any doable unfailing and the cheapest VPS hosting providers (Linux).
    I know offers cheap VPS hosting deals, but tranquil falter to deal with them or not..............

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