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    Before taking plan from hosting you have to check reviews their you get better idea about their pricing and services that they provide to their clients
    Cheap vps from ideastack get 15% discount on Annual Billing using this coupon code of USA Exclusively for members of host speech

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    realy just 30 days trial ?
    Quote Originally Posted by AngelicDevilTel View Post
    It's only a 30 Day trial though.
    After that its $34.95 which is WAY out of my budget
    I don't know wbout anyone else.

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    You can use .It is very very cheap.You can get VPs in less a usd.You can get super cheep hosting wit unlimited bandwidth from

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    wow! zyma have great price! 1.79 Euro per month for unlimited diskspace and unlimited bandwith? i dont see where they offer vps, its like they offer shared only!

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    Great Friends I appreciate your level of knowledge and the way you share the info over here. I think there is nothing to discuss any more..

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    i found one: - vps from $1.20/Month

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    I heard KingSizeVPS is the best and cheapest VPS web hosting company, check out those guys at:
    HostSoch - Web Hosting Company in India -

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    You can find one on lowendbox


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