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    Free control panels?

    What are the free control panels for VPS? Are they as good as cpanel + whm. I want a VPS, but cpanel license is quite expensive.. so I don't really know if it's worth it. Any ideas?

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    Free Control panels are just as good as cPanel imo
    I love cPanel and if I had the money to buy it I would be golden
    But since I don't I use VirtualMin which is just as good and has about the same features
    Also Kloxo is rather good; its more user friendly than VirtualMin and almost the exact same as cPanel; its a RAM hog though.
    Froxlor is another one I absolutely love; if I would have known about this one before I install VirtualMin I would have this on my VPS
    There are several free panels but those are probably the best

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    Most of people buys Virtual Private servers because their shared hosting is not enough or their site is getting more visitors that shared hosting cant afford. But some of them doesn’t know the basics of installing admin panel (like Cpanel) on their VPS and managing their VPS from scratch. So I own few VPS’s for my hosting needs and I was a geek too when I entered this area of interest but now I fed up with google a lot icon biggrin The best free server control panel And this is a guide about how to install Kloxo (formerly known as LXAdmin) on CentOS. Forget about installing a panel like webmin if you are newbie to linux servers. Kloxo is very easy to manage like cpanel. You can do the same process to install kloxo on dedicated servers installed CentOS on it.

    Things you need-

    A VPS or dedicated server that has at least 128MB memory
    SSH Client , PUTTY for windows operating systems Download it free
    Relaxed mind

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    A control panel, in web hosting, is a web-based interface provided by the hosting company that allows customers to manage their various hosted services.
    for more information u can see the wikipedia.

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    There are two options actually. You can buy VPS hosting with or without Control Panel. But buying VP hosting with Control Panel is worth because the users don't have to bother about managing the individual system services such as Apache, MySQL, DNS , PHP, FTP, and mail.The basic package at HioxIndia comes @ just $50.

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    Well following is the list of free control panels for vps:

    1) Webmin
    2) XAMPP
    3) Kloxo
    4) Virtualmin

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    There are some free control panel you can use in vps is Kloxo and web min it was also work nice like cpanel control panel
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    Any one tell me how to login WHM?

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    get the ip and use the username and password and login in.
    if u don't have the details then mail to support and ask them.

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    I never knew there was a free cPanel..May I ask where you got it from so I can get it myself?
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