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    Started my own hosting company

    I have started my own company i need a feedback which is best to start with Getting my own server or Start selling reselling services ?

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    The best option of course a dedicated server, although for a start it is not really required. You can go ahead with a VPS (doesn't really recommend to start a reseller plan, as you can't get root access to the server), with cPanel and some backup solution like R1Soft or Bacula. With it you can sell shared and reseller hosting packages from the beggining.

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    You can actually try doing both things at once.

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    It is quite good that you are opening your own web hosting company, Just provide good specs, good storage on a better price and people will host their websites on your server.And you should also provide them security and static code analysis tools comparison so that people can check security of their websites also.


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