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    Yes forums are regular indexing one , you should try top forums like hostspeech , warrior forum and all..This will help you to save backlinks as much as possible..

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    Even i had the same query whether Google gives any importance to Forums or not.

    Make sure that you choose only good quality forums with high domain authority.

    Keep your answers detailed, relevant to the question being asked and keep your answers to the point.

    Don't just copy paste while answering or posting on forums. Generally look for forums with Do follow links which are indexed on a daily basis

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    It depends upon the forum. How much quality content that forum has or how much well ranked that forum.

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    Although, Forums don't have that much of importance but it doesn't mean that we should completely ignore it. I follow a best practice of doing good discussions on Forums that are do follow in nature.

    I always try to keep the discussions relevant to the question being asked. There are many search results on Google which come from Forums. So we can't deny the fact that Google does consider forums to some extent for sure.

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