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    I think SEO is nothing it all depends on content. content is most important for seo as well ranking on google if you want to keyword ranking it is necessary to include content

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    Unique Content is the most important part of SEO.

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    Sadly you can not do SEO without any content. It is a must and a first in SEO

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    With health-related websites, you focus on developing quality content. Next, share articles on social networking sites. This will help the keyword to quickly rank higher on google.

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    Content is a very significant part without it your website will be just like a skeleton. Content contains keywords which play an important role in providing the ranking to a website.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rocka View Post

    We have one of the healthcare website. There have some content in all pages,
    how to do SEO for keywords ranking. Please guide me...
    Check that content quality in all pages & add more LSI keywords within the content, Title & Meta description.

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    Nowadays Content is king without content you can not get high ranking on any search engine.

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    You can not to do without content for SEO because content is more important for nowadays..


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