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Thread: whitch is best

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    If your website is about Organisation then i suggest you to keep .org

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    The original top level domains include: .com, .net, .org, .int, .gov, .edu, and .mil. Only some of them are available for general use, and .com is far and away the most important.

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    .com is good for all sites.

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    It's best to pick whatever is most relevant. If you're commercial, .com. If you're non-profit, .org. If you're a network, .net
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    .com, .net , .org, .edu - These are known as domain extensions which are used at the end of the domain name.

    If you are an educational institution then you can make use of .edu extension. If you have an organization and want a website for the same, then you should go with .org

    Although .com is the most popular domain extension that is used gloabally.

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    .com is best for your business
    .org is best for organization related sites
    .edu is best for education related sites

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    .com is best to use for all over the website.

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