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    In simple word Advantages of Cloud Computing at a Glance: Drive down costs: Avoid large capital expenditure on hardware and upgrades.
    A managed cloud solution means that your hosting provider is doing this for you.

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    Distributed computing benefits. Clients can scale administrations to fit their needs, redo applications, and access cloud administrations from anyplace with an Internet association. Undertaking clients can inspire applications to showcase rapidly without stressing over hidden framework expenses or upkeep.

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    Benefits of cloud hosting- In comparison to traditional hosting *services, the cloud hosting services are more cost effective, thus the companies will only have to pay for licensing fees for each different users.The organisation can enjoy the unlimited storage capacity, and also it will help in accessing the data from any place and our device can be easily connected to the internet at any place at any time.It also helps in retrieving the data and backup process, which is the most important benefit that is made by the providers for their customers use.Integration of the software is automatically done in the cloud hosting services, so we do not have to make extra efforts for integrating our software applications.

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    Benefits of cloud hosting are :
    Always-on availability
    Improved collaboration
    Cloud hosting is more cost effective
    Expenses can be quickly reduced
    Flexible capacity

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    Hi, I am using cloud services from long time but didn't know that it has that much great advantages. Now that I know you guys have lots of knowledge about cloud servers can anyone suggest me a good provider for ec2 instance snapshot. If you know please let me know asap.


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    Hardware failures do not result in data loss because of networked backups.
    Cloud computing uses remote resources, saving organizations the cost of servers and other equipment.
    A “utility” pay structure means users only pay for the resources they use.

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    the benefits are as follows :
    1. more work with less efforts
    2. flexible user interface]
    3. Flexible pricing
    4. always avilable
    5. perfect collaboration of all
    6. cost effective
    7. No possible disaster influencing possibility.

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    1) Cost Saving
    2) Security
    3) Flexibility
    4) Mobility
    5) Insight
    6) Increased Collaboration
    7) Quality control
    8) Disaster recovery
    9) Loss prevention
    10) Automatic software updates


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