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    My blog is hacked by spammers.

    I have a WordPress blog and spammers are hacking my blog. Sometimes i will get more than 20 spam messages per hour. If i try to upgrade i will receive error message telling that DL failed , installation failed etc., please suggest me to solve this problem.

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    Hacker will not hack your website but you website is too heavy to handle that load. you need to recreate or need to ask word press customer care to solve your big problem.

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    Please note that the Blogger Team may look at other blogs in your account, as part of their review. If you request an appeal, and Blogger discovers other abusive / inappropriate content during the investigation, you risk having all of your content permanently removed. Please consider this when requesting an appeal.
    If your blog has been falsely classified as a spam (hacking, porn) host, we apologise. Nobody gains, with genuine, non spam Blogger blogs being deleted or locked falsely. Given the fact that automated spam detection is not yet a perfect science, Blogger Support is always willing to investigate any reports of false positive spam reviews


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