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    How to identify the needs of code review

    The development of websites is into fast pace and it is due to various businesses coming into the existence and increment of contingency into the sector. Secure code analysis and various other methods are also here but what are the best ways to use all these code review methods and what are their associated benefits.

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    Software code review is a process to ensure that the code meets the functional requirements and also helps the developers to adhere to the best coding practices.

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    Code review is a systematic examination of software source code, intended to find bugs and to estimate the code quality.There are several reasons why doing a code review is a necessary part of development.The first reason is reducing risks.The main thing you need to remember about code review is that it should be performed BEFORE your new development team takes on a new codebase or project. Checking the code before starting a project gives your team the chance to get familiar with it and to determine whether the code is clean or requires any rework.

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    1. Produce code review checklists to ensure consistency between reviews and by different developers.
    2. Ensure a positive security culture by not singling out developers.
    3. Review code each time a meaningful change in the code has been introduced.
    4. A mix of human review and tool use is best to detect all flaws.
    5. Continuously monitor and track patterns of insecure code.


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