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    Why there is big need of code review and enhanced security

    Every code practices are being run by some of the firms which usually update their database in every passage of time. All these updated data creates problems to those websites or applications containing old data and invites various intruders to steal the private information. However, static code review testing tends to be the best way as to keep the code fresh and up-to-date.


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    Code review is a systematic examination of software source code, intended to find bugs and to estimate the code quality.There are several reasons why doing a code review is a necessary part of development.The first reason is reducing risks.Moreover, while working together on examining the code, every team member can suggest smarter solutions that would improve the general performance of the project.The main thing you need to remember about code review is that it should be performed BEFORE your new development team takes on a new code base or project.

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    The code review process contains the following stages:

    Best practice - identifying more efficient ways of completing any task.

    Error detection - finding the logical errors.

    Vulnerability exposure - identifying the most common vulnerabilities.

    Malware discovery - a special kind of code review used to detect the suspicious pieces of code or to find the back-doors and any malware integrated into the software.


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