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    Who do you use to protect your colo from DDOS attacks?

    Who do you use to protect your colo from DDOS attacks?
    Sharktech - VPS, Colocation, and Dedicated servers since 2003.
    Mike Gazzerro
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    Below five tips for Protect your DDOS attacks:
    1. Strengthen Your Bandwidth.
    2. DDoS Mitigation:The key to preventing a DDoS attack is detecting it.
    3. Content Delivery Networks:Using a CDN is another popular way people protect their websites from a distributed denial of service.
    Simply put, using a CDN means that your website is hosted on multiple IP addresses; so even if a DDoS attack succeeds on one of them, you still have a few backups that can keep your website running until you figure out what is going on.
    4. Contact Your ISP:Your internet service provider can be a great help when dealing with DDoS attacks.
    5. Hire a DDoS Specialist.

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    A better way to protect from the DDOS attacks is to deploy firewalls like Web Application Firewall against the sophisticated Application attacks from network.

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