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    Baby Hoster
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    May 2017

    Is it hard to learn Adobe Photoshop?

    I have some works doing with graphic tools. I tried photoshop but I didn't get results as my expectations so anyone here with more experiences with Photoshop give me ideas to do the best graphics with photoshop. what do we need ? and is it hard to learn Adobe Photoshop?

    Any thoughts ?

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    I think if you have experiences with other tools before so it's not that hard to learn PTS

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    Nov 2017
    I would suggest you outsource for services for now then you can continue learning in the process.It would be even better if you can look for someone who can work for you as well as walk you through Photoshop Basics.Basics are easy, mastering it is not. If you seriously need to create some marketing material, I'd just pay for someone who knows what they're doing.


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