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    How to indexed my site on Bing ?

    Hello Friends
    How to indexed my site on Bing ?

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    In order to get your site indexed on Bing it is important that you submit your website to Bing Webmaster tools.

    For this you will have to open an account with Bing Webmaster tools. You will need to have a Microsoft account at this point of time to sign in.

    If you don't have one, you will have to sign up for Microsoft account, once done you can submit your URL to the Bing webmaster tools

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    Stage 1: Open a Bing Webmaster Tools account. ...

    Stage 2: Add and Verify your site. ...

    Stage 3: Create and transfer your sitemaps. ...

    Stage 4: Create a Search Optimization Plan.

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    Submit your website in Bing webmaster tool and follow the same optimization techniques to help index your website in Bing search engine.
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    If you've already set up Bing webmaster tools and submitted a sitemap, then I'm afraid all you can do is wait.Create a sitemap and add to your bing webmaster account then wait for some weeks. Make sure your contents are unique. If you set it up well, it'll eventually be submitted. Give it a maximum of 72 hours and keep on waiting. Do not make changes.

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    Google's URL submit is very quick and easy. Just go to Google's web page for URL submitting, type in your URL, type in the message that ensures Google you are an individual not a software robot and click "add URL."

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    First, you need to list your business on bing. After that, they take some time to approve your listing. Once they approve you're listing your site will be indexed by Bing.


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