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Thread: What is Server?

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    What is Server?

    What is Server?

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    A server is a computer program that provides services to other computer programs in the same or other computers. The computer that a server program runs in is also frequently referred to as a server.A server is a computer designed to process requests and deliver data to another computer over the internet or a local network.A server is a computer, a device or a program that is dedicated to managing network resources. Servers are often referred to as dedicated because they carry out hardly any other tasks apart from their server tasks.

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    An server is a workstation project that gives administrations with different workstation projects (and their users) in the same or other Pcs. The PC that a server project runs clinched alongside may be also every now and again alluded on Concerning illustration a server. That machine might be An committed server or utilized for different purposes too.

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    Hi, These are some good explanation of Server you get here and I think now you know much about server. Also, if anyone here can explain about the elastic cloud compute unit will be great help for me as I see you guys know much about servers I think anyone of you must know about it.


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    A server is the person who brings you your food at the restaurant! JK
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