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Thread: soc automation?

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    Baby Hoster
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    Mar 2017

    soc automation?

    What is soc automation?

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    Baby Hoster
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    May 2017
    As I know soc automation is a platform combining automation, orchestration, and big-data powered investigation into a single and comprehensive incident response platform that triples SOC efficiency, provides unprecedented visibility and reduces time-to-respond by 90%.

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    It is a concept of a security operations center (SOC) is increasing in popularity and orchestration platform automates incident response, increases situational awareness, achieves earlier attack chain response, provides real-time visibility and ultimately enables expert threat response.

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    Host Speech Heart
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    Apr 2016
    SOC means security operations center which in popularity and oechestration automated incident responses, it provides real time visibility and ultimately enables expert threat response.


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