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    how is html different from html5?

    how is html different from html5?

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    some of the diffrence between html5 and html are:

    1.In HTML5, inline MathML and SVG can be used in text.
    whereas this wasn’t possible in HTML.

    2. SVG, canvas and other virtual vector graphics are supported in HTML5.
    whereas in HTML, using vector graphics was only possible by using it in conjunction with different technologies like Flash, VML, and Silver-light, etc.

    3. HTML5 uses web SQL databases, application cache for temporary storing data.
    in HTML, only browser cache could be utilized for this purpose.

    4.Another difference between HTML and HTML5 worth mentioning is that the former doesn’t allow JavaScript to run within the web browser (it instead runs in the browser interface thread) whereas the latter provides full support for JavaScript to run in the background (This is possible courtesy to the JS web worker API of HTML5).

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    HTML5 is the advanced version of HTML.
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    The most significant difference between older versions of HTML vs HTML5 is the integration of video and audio into the language’s specifications. Additionally, HTML5 includes the following updates:

    Deprecated elements like center, font, and strike have been dropped
    Improved parsing rules allow for more flexible parsing and compatibility
    New elements including video, time, nav, section, progress, meter, aside and canvas
    New input attributes including email, URL, dates and times
    New attributes including charset, async and ping
    New APIs that offer offline caching, drag-and-drop support and more
    Support for vector graphics without the aid of programs like Silverlight or Flash
    Support for MathML to allow better display of mathematical notations
    JavaScript can now run in the background thanks to the JS Web worker API
    Global attributes such as tabindex, repeat and id can be can be applied for all elements


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