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    Social Zone Host Needing Staff

    Hello all,

    Social Zone Host is a paid and Post to Host Company that just started.

    We are looking for talented people that have experience with mybb forums, ipanel, livezilla and anything related to hosting.

    NOTE: All positions we are offering are volunteers, that means you will not get money as payment, maybe in the future.
    Minimum requirement to be online on Social Zone Host 1 Hour once a day

    Positions available

    Super moderators: 2 Positions left
    Moderators: 5 Positions left
    Support Team: 7 Positions left
    Advertisers: 3 Positions left

    Super moderators: Have control of the forum and responsible for making changes to the forums to keep it clean and organized.

    Moderators: Control spam and delete unwanted post and ban members that don't follow the rules.

    Support Team: Offer support to our hosting clients, a high experience on Livezilla is required and also answer support request on the forums and ipanel ticket support system. NOTE: A fast typer and good English is required.

    Advertisers: Duties are to advertise our hosting in other forums, blogs and websites.

    Use following form to apply for positions.

    Your name:
    Your age:
    Positions to apply:
    Why should we trust you?:
    How many hours a day you will dedicate to our hosting?:
    Your Email:
    Are you able to donate?:

    Send your application to [email protected]

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    How and where i can post job i want to work with him.


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