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    There are Number Of tips that You can Render from Huge post Published over Web in form of Infographics , Articles , blogs , Forum Discussions etc ...
    Number Of Terms that are clear to you While Designing and Developing a website , A good Website Scores Well on parameters

    Website usability :
    Website Comparability
    Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)
    Logo of website
    w3c validation
    Inner linking
    Content on Web pages
    Loading time
    Landing Pages etc

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    Web design is very important for your online business. A poorly designed, low quality website will turn off most people. Earning customer confidence is especially important for e-commerce sites. Users will reason that a shoddily designed website will provide equally shoddy services. Web designers must be aware of the best color codes, have excellent aesthetic sense, and must be detail oriented. Most importantly keep the website as simple as possible, unless your business requires you to keep heavy graphics. A good web designer will design web pages with minimum load time.
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