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    Statistics show that a website has just 8 seconds to capture a visitor’s attention for them to browse the site further. Without a clear tagline a website would have a hard time keeping visitors long enough to browse the inner pages.


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    You have a good basic tips in designing a web, In addition to your posts use of design elements and graphics are always bad for a website, they just mislead the site’s visitors. Only design to improve the web page not just to decorate it. From a usability point of view, less is always more. Hope this one and simple post can help you.

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    Any web designing process would be successful if you have a proper design theme that best describes your website.And it is one of the main step involved in website development process.Based on the design you have thought of start developing the website accordingly using the essential tools.

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    Hi..I am not actually confirmed with your question.You mean you want to know something about web designing.When you have though of staring a business first you need to have a properly designed website for you.For this reason you will hire the top website development company and ask them to design your site.

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    A website must be designed in simple language, user friendly, weight must be light and good looking by colors.

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    Web designing is the part of website creation. There are many things that include in web designing like site structure, page layout, colour, font size, web content,etc. There are some of more important things that will be useful for make good website like user-friendly navigation, graphics, logos, etc. These all things are very useful for making good quality of website.

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    Hallo Guys.
    You share very nice and informatics tips for web designing. Every post is very helpful for me. Because i am newly interned in this field. So thanks for sharing these tips here...

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    A website should be designed in a good way, because its the best source to get quality and unique traffic, A visitor may remain on the website..

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    Here are some tips from me, which helps you when you create a website design.

    1. You have to think small, like when you chose image at that time.
    2. Use graphics which is suitable as your content and gives proper information as well.

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    1. Focus Only On Essential Elements
    2. Get Rid Of All Unnecessary Elements
    3. Reduce The Number Of Pages
    4. Get More Content Above The Fold
    5. Limit Your Color Scheme
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