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    thanks for your information

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    I have an experience to use the both operating system and I personally feel that the Linux is the best and the virus can not effect it. As well it is very easy to use also.
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    Both operating systems Windows and Linux are the best as per their own position because so many application which are working on the windows that is not working on the linux system such as .net. Windows has attractive look and feel so that easy to use for any person. Linux is open source operating system which is more safe for the network program because of the most of viruses are not invented on for the linux program. It is command base operating system so that it is hard to use.
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    Windows vps hosting is considered as the better option when compared with linux vps hosting as it is based on the Graphical user interface and not on text.You can have the better communication using the windows vps hosting unlike linux where you just communicate through text.

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    I think windows would be more better and comfortable since it is having the graphical user interface through which you can able to interact in a proper way rather than the commands which is used in linux.

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    VPS Hosting has better security because of its self-dependency. That is because every virtual server uses its own resources and OS, it can be rebooted and configured absolutely independently from the other virtual machines and it’s not affected by other users’ actions. Self-dependency makes VPS Hosting more secure than shared web hosting.
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    linux web hosting is better than windows because it supports more than 10 support only .net and php and html but linux supports .net,php,html.perl,python etc..linux hosting is cheaper than windows and easy to handle because it's a open source... i suggest you linux hosting providing cheap and reliable linux hosting service with 99.9% uptime

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    linux vps will work much faster than windows vps

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    Security is very important for me. Many people will argue that Windows servers have more vulnerabilities than Linux servers. But the reality is that they both have security problems. Security is more important at the hosting service's administration level than it is at the operating system level. If you have good administrators, your server will be more secure - regardless of OS.

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    Linux is better because with most Linux distributions, new releases are made available every six months.


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